A Brother for All Seasons series

“Kiss the first man you meet” isn’t on my shopping list. So why, when a stranger in the canned goods aisle kisses me, do I kiss him back like he’s the last chocolate cake on the shelf?

Austen Sommers comes with more red flags than you’d see at a Men Who Can’t Commit parade. I shouldn’t agree to a fake relationship. Rehabbing his image is his problem, not mine.

I have my own issues. Like my parents, who are the reason I moved to this small town hundreds of miles from home. However, facing them at my cousin’s wedding would be easier with a gorgeous man by my side.

Under no circumstances will I let our arrangement change my “no boyfriends” rule. Prepping for my first teaching job is my priority.

Famous last words. My rule loses its meaning the longer we play our game. I think Austen feels the spark, too.

Until he discovers the secret I’ve hidden from him and my family. Now he has returned to his old ways, and I’m alone in a town whose warm welcome has grown icy.

But he also has a secret. One that makes me wonder whether I’ve taught myself the wrong lesson about him.