Introducing a new series!

To jump inside a bouncy castle is to risk falling…

…in love.

Living in a tiny house built for one, Caitlin only has room in her life for Mr. Right Now. Even though the bad boys she dates keep letting her down, they’re a whole lot more fun than…

Dan dreams of his happily ever after. One in which Caitlin has a starring role. But women like her don’t fall for awkward, Star Trek-quoting men like him.

Despite their policy of avoiding each other, they are forced together to deal with an increasingly problematic bouncy castle. Dan has the chance to prove himself the hero, but will he save the day? And will his efforts be enough for Caitlin to learn she has room in her heart for a nice guy like Dan?

Jump into the King & Queen series with this sweet romantic comedy.

Book 1: King & Queen of the Bouncy Castle

Book 2: King & Queen of the Roller Derby

Book 3: King & Queen of the Bowling Alley

Book 4: King & Queen of the Poker Game (October 1, 2019)

Book 5: King & Queen of the Carnival (Fall 2019)

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