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And this is one of the nicer definitions! I am, unabashedly, a chick lit author. My books follow women (and sometimes men) as they get from point A to point B by exploring their relationships with themselves, family, friends, bosses, and the person they're going to kiss at the end of the book. Oh, and there is much laughter along the way.

Are you a chick lit reader? If so, I hope you find your next favorite book here!

Blame It on the Moon

A sweet sapphic retelling of A Room with a View

Emily Campofiore’s trip to Oregon to witness the total eclipse was meant to be a bridge between school and the start of her career. And then she met Luz Perez. Now she is on the emotional journey of a lifetime.

Despite their differences, the two women forge a close friendship. Close enough that under the shadow of the moon, confusing hints of her true feelings for Luz emerge. The shock sends Emily into a spiral of denial and back to the safety of home.

Although her job at her father's investment bank and her new boyfriend fulfill the life her parents had chosen for her, another encounter with Luz forces her to question whether she can—or wants to—live up to their expectations. With her future at stake, Emily must make a life-altering decision: remain loyal to her family or give up her birthright and accept an identity she’s not ready to embrace.


Diane Michaels is a harpist and author. She balances her fondness for ice cream with her enjoyment of working out and walking through the woods. When she is not spying on the world from behind her harp to collect ideas for her next book, she and her husband make up stories and songs about and for their miniature poodle, Lola.


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