Standalone Titles

5 stars from Readers' Favorite:

"This is an awesome book! Pet Peeves … takes readers behind the scenes of a comedy show and the people that come together to make it. Diane Michaels has created a cast of people that it is impossible not to love. The egos, the personalities, their hang-ups, and their relationships are all laid bare with hilarious consequences…. There is a stellar cast to this book, and you will love getting to know them and becoming truly invested in the show. This is exactly how I imagined the cast of The Big Bang Theory and the creators of the show interacting and I loved being a fly on the wall…. A great read; I was so sad when I finished it."

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Christmas superfan Hannah Walker is about to spend the holidays in Australia, far away from her boyfriend and family—and nursing a grandmother who isn’t as frail as Hannah was led to believe. But meeting surfer god Xavier and the animals he cares for at his rescue shelter next door might be just what Hannah needs to rediscover the Christmas spirit.


Two short stories about subway delays, jury duty, and how love rushes in when life stands still


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