Inked Together series

Magical ink. Two wishes. Now Violet and Ben don’t know who is who.

Frustrated with being overlooked by her boss, Violet Pensky would do anything to be as successful as her coworker, Ben Harris. Too bad growing taller isn’t an option. Everything else she tries only brings her closer to getting fired.

Ben works hard enough to keep the commissions rolling in, but not so hard he has to, well, work. His goal is to fool his boss, but is he fooling himself, too?

After Violet and Ben mysteriously trade bodies, more than their identities change. Violet can finally reach items on the top shelf. But what she desires remains out of grasp. Ben hopes he’ll succeed with a winning smile and a short skirt. Instead, he attracts unwanted attention. When office politics threaten their careers, they must band together to stop it. Until opposing instincts pull them apart just as they’re falling for the person they see in the mirror.

Now they’re on their own, fighting to save the other’s job while hiding their romantic feelings. Can trusting their friendship unite Violet and Ben and switch their lives back to normal?

Inked Together is book 1 of the Inked Together chick lit series. If you like funny, sweet office romances, then you’ll be a fan of this fast-paced story.