Radiohead Cover Tunes + Ellen the Harpist

In my last post, I floated the idea of including in the digital formats of my books links to videos featuring some of the selections Ellen plays in my novels. Between the personal emails I received and comments on the blog, I’ve gathered my readers think this is a good idea.

In Ellen the Harpist, Ellen attempts to use her arrangements of Radiohead tunes to seduce Josh when the two of them play their first duet gig together. She takes her love of Radiohead’s music with her into book number two. Here’s a sneak peek:

A perception of someone scrutinizing me from behind my back sent a wave of shivers over the surface of my skin. I glanced over my shoulder and saw that Sheldon had taken his place at the piano. Squaring my shoulders, I plucked out the next verse, prepared to ignore whatever criticism he planned to hiss at me. It was the piano, not Sheldon, who raised his voice, singing along with the harmonies.

“What did I just play?” Sheldon asked when we reached the end of the song.

Creep.” He lifted himself to his full height and leaned back, his eyes telegraphing his sense of horror at a perceived insult. I stuttered, “I mean, the name of the song is Creep.”

I am excited to share with you the video I will embed in this passage of the novel when I publish it. You can check out my new recording of Creep over on YouTube. Thankfully, I didn’t have a creepy, haranguing pianist hovering over my shoulder as I recorded it!


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